AMA regarding Personal issues, relationship and parenting concerns assisted.

Dr Karen Phillip: The same repeated challenges are not positive. When a challenge presents, that is the time we take proactive steps. While there may be a repeat of similar, it is time for the parent to take those proactive adjustments that will fit for many similar i…
Jun 18, 2018

Esther Avant - Weight Loss Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach, Recreational Exerciser, Avid Reader & Podcast Listener AMA.

Esther Avant: LOVE this question! So many people forget that *maintenance* is the ultimate goal and without a plan for that, any weight loss is likely to be short-lived. I think, ultimately, what helps people keep weight off long-term is that they have truly chang…
Jun 18, 2018

I am a career coach and former HR recruiter who will answer your burning questions about the modern job search. AMA!

Donna Shannon: Be mindful of the key words on your resume and LinkedIn profile. HR screens candidates based on the key words in the job description and recruiters source candidates on LinkedIn in a similar way. If you aren’t certain about what key words you should …
Jun 18, 2018

Ask Me Anything About How Can You Stay Hopeful When Dating Gets You Down?

Amy Sherman: This, of course, is a personal choice, but in my opinion, it's a good idea to develop a strong emotional commitment before the physical attachment comes into play. You know that you can be physically compatable with someone, who is not available to y…

Don't have enough time to do the things you want? I am Laura and am a time and project management expert. Ask Me Anything!

Laura L Rose: I probably spend to much time on marketing activities that do not yield much return on investment.  Just because something doesn't cost much to deploy doesn't mean it isn't a waste. Everyone should put a price on their time (hourly rate for instance)…
Jun 18, 2018

I have helped over 400 individuals get un-stuck and transition into roles and careers they love. I work with individuals at all stages in their careers to create the transition they want. I’m an expert on leadership and people development, change and performance management. Ask me anything!

CoachVGT: I prefer not to make broad generalizations; however, I have seen many individuals underperform out of fear of open communication. They are scared to admit they don't know how to do things or scared to ask for help. Often times, people aren't in the r…
Jun 18, 2018

Are you positioned for career success? I am Kiana L. Wilson, The Career Catalyst! I coach workplace professionals on effectively navigating their careers and positioning themselves for success. Ask me anything!

encognito8: Hi Genericdaisy, Although most of the services I provide are to organizations, I typically set aside time each quarter to coach individuals. Those that are interested can submit an online inquiry at Stay Sharp, Kiana
Jun 18, 2018

AMA - Turn your backstory into your superpower - be powered by your past!

br0nz18: Such a tendency indicates that the decision is probably made hastily and that the person is either not aware of the biases and factors that impact decsion-making or is unwilliing to examine their own methods of making decsions.

Freed From Depression and Social Anxiety. Ask me anything!

millermindfulness: Start practicing very small actions that are uncomfortable. You build courage by practicing in a progressive manner. For example, I was terrified of speaking up for myself in meetings for fear that something I said would not be received as intelligib…

AMA: Confessions of a fitness coach: Turn swimsuit DREAD into Confidence!

Dottie LeBlanc: I think there are a lot actually. I will bullet point a few for you. 1. I think people feel that workouts have to last for hours! This just isn't true. 30 to 45 min is an acceptable amount of time to workout and crank up your metabolism to start seei…

How's Your Love Life? Got a Question? AMA the NO BS LOVE LIFE COACH, Lisa Concepcion, Certified Coach and Founder of LoveQuest Coaching. Get clarity!! Get POWER!!

Jun 15, 2018

Author of 9 books on dating, Rich Gosse ("This is a great book!" Oprah Winfrey). AMA

richgosse: The Society of Single Professionals is incorporated in the State of California as an educational non-profit organization. We educate singles about where and how to meet a lasting romantic partner, as well as how to have a happy single lifestyle.

I'm a coach for LGBTQ entrepreneurs. I specialize in self care and creating a plan for being out (or not) in your business. Ask me anything.

Veronica Kirin: I actually end up coaching both.  However, I market directly to LGBTQ Entrepreneurs as my niche because I am especially equipped for their needs.  Outside of making a plan for being out (or not), the only other major difference I note is that LGBTQ E…
Jun 14, 2018

Ask Me Anything: Dr. Sher Downing - EdTech Strategist takes on startups, technology & mentoring partnerships.

Sher Downing: It's a really creative space so it's easy to get people around the table to discuss and implement! I've helped individuals have multiple 'mentor partnerships' so they can glean the best from the technology wizard and the education master. I've also s…

I empower people. I’m a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach who isn’t afraid to help you achieve your biggest goals and overcome your toughest shit. I want you to be your best self. Ask Me Anything.

Anne Brackett: When we work with groups it’s more of a training scenario. We do group trainings on a variety of topics – an overview of the Strengths philosophy; leadership; engagement; the Strengths manager; etc. During group trainings we do give people a chance t…

Ask Me Anything about Organizing and how I made my passion into a business​! Organizing is a lifestyle, that will help you conquering anything!

Jane Stoller: It is tough as that is about the emotional attachment we have to our memories.  It does take allot of coaching, and also realizing that the items that truly bring wonderful memories should stay! They should have a proper organized space. However, if …

Coaching-AMA-Dr. Tracey M. Phillips- Licensed Counselor/Therapist and skilled Social Work Educator and Practitioner; Certified Grant Specialist; Career Coach.

Dr. Tracey M. Phillips: Many people make their resumes too long. They also bury the most relevant information. Most HR personnel only view a resume for about 15 seconds. They look for key words that fit into the position. If they do not see those words up front, they move o…
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