Ask Me Anything about Organizing and how I made my passion into a business​! Organizing is a lifestyle, that will help you conquering anything!

Jane Stoller
Jun 13, 2018

I am a Lifebizz Organizer, Author and University Instructor who found my passion in de-cluttering spaces, business processes and closets. I sometimes call myself a  "Structure Strategist" loves to help companies and individuals getting more organized.

What makes my organizing approach unique is my holistic method. I start redefining your office and continue to your home - or vice versa. The end results of my seminars, coaching and/or consultations? Reduced stress, increased happiness and productivity!

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What is the best way to store bedspreads, quilts, and other bedding items?
Jun 20, 7:18AM EDT0

I love this question, I have an entire chapter on Linens in my book.  It depends on your space, but my number 1 rule is to keep matching items together, either tied with ribbon, labelled etc. And make sure they are folded and iron before they are put away. 

Jun 20, 11:16AM EDT0
What are the most common ways you've found that being disorganized affects people financially?
Jun 19, 11:05PM EDT0

If you don't have an organized system how do you know what you have paid, what you need to pay etc. For Business owners it also gets complex and they might need to hire a resource to help them 

Jun 20, 11:15AM EDT0
In your experience, what is the most common kind of clutter?
Jun 19, 10:11PM EDT0

Too many clothes that we don't wear or take care of!

Jun 20, 11:14AM EDT0
How has learning organization skills changed your life? Why do you think people have such a big problem with clutter?
Jun 19, 9:40PM EDT0

For me I believe organizing has allowed me to accomplish more than I ever dreamed of! Being organized allows us to focus on our priorities make the most difference in our own and other people's lives.

Regarding clutter, that is a tough one relating to emotional attachment to things and sometimes requires a coach to help them understand what purpose the item has, can it be used for something else?

Jun 20, 11:14AM EDT0
How do you work with clients who have a lot of sentimental attachments to things?
Jun 18, 8:15PM EDT0

It is tough as that is about the emotional attachment we have to our memories. 

It does take allot of coaching, and also realizing that the items that truly bring wonderful memories should stay! They should have a proper organized space. However, if those items take over a complete room or room (s) in a house then priority needs to be given.

A good trick that I use is to ask when was the last time they looked or used the item? If they can't remember it is usually not that memorable of an item.  Or ask them if perhaps someone else could benefit from it? This usually helps with women and their clothes. 

Jun 18, 8:36PM EDT0
What are some simple tips to declutter daily so the mess does not pile up in the long run?
Jun 18, 5:59AM EDT0

My major tip is to make it fit your lifestyle so it does not feel like your organizing, soon it will become a part of your daily life, and maybe even fun. 

To get started I suggest setting aside 10 minutes a day to focus on organizing and even room by room to start!

Jun 18, 2:25PM EDT0
What is your favorite aspect of being an entrepreneur and why?
Jun 15, 6:39AM EDT0

I grew up with entrepreneurial parents so was always surrounded but they worked all the time! However they were always super happy, of course, a lot of stress but in the end, they loved their work. For me it is the same thing, I enjoy working harder than ever but it doesn't even feel like work as it is my passion.


Jun 18, 2:27PM EDT0
When it comes to organizing, do you have a trademark? What is it?
Jun 14, 9:04AM EDT0

Oh good question, I don't even know.  My friends say it is that I start with organizing the closet and bring that into everyone's personal and business life. 

Jun 18, 2:27PM EDT0
Do you ever organize throwing-out routines in your home? What are the typical things that you get rid of?
Jun 14, 7:17AM EDT0

All the time! I actually have labelled bins which helps. "Consign" "Donate" and "Repurpose".  This way I think before I toss as many times the item can be sold, or given away or made into something new!

Jun 18, 2:28PM EDT0
How is your methodology for developing organizing schemes for your clients?
Jun 14, 2:25AM EDT0

I have a 4 step process:

Analyze Current State and goal setting - I have a few quizzes and worksheets to get clients started

Closet - As for me this fits into the organizing scheme and it is the first things that most people go to in the morning

Efficiency - Not traditional time management but where we can save the most time

Combining learning to create steps to achieve their goal  

Of course these are a bit tailored on the project but I find this is my go-to system 

Jun 18, 2:30PM EDT0
As an entrepreneur, what is the one activity you always and recommend everyone else to do?
Jun 13, 11:01PM EDT0

Have a support network or team, as every day I have to do something outside of my comfort zone. Call a new client, post on social media, ask for payment etc.  Being scared I believe is normal for all entrepreneurs, so then I reach back to my support team for reassurance, confidence boost etc. 

Jun 18, 2:32PM EDT0
How can organization help people to become more productive? How has been your experience?
Jun 13, 7:53PM EDT0

I have an entire chapter in my book called  "The Science Behind Organizing" and it delves deep into research on how organizing and productivity are related. It goes a lot farther than only having your shirts colour coded of but involves employing an entire system of organizing into your lifestyle. 

Jun 18, 2:34PM EDT0
Is there a book that impacted or shaped you in a positive way? Which one and why?
Jun 13, 2:45PM EDT0

There is so many that I love! One of my favourites has been Tim Ferriss, "The Four-Hour Workweek". I learned so many important time management and delegation tips from this book 

Jun 13, 8:01PM EDT0

What would you say to others who are following their dreams and looking to find a work-life balance?

Jun 13, 11:40AM EDT0

If you can make your passion for your business and or current/future job it will feel a lot less like "work". 

One small thing that also works for me is being extremely productive with my time and scheduling my priorities for work and personal.  I schedule my workouts and time that I take food breaks to ensure I keep a balance, and I really try to remove distractions. In an office, setting ensure that your day is also scheduled to be the most effective and avoid inefficient meetings, calls etc., or ensure they end on time or early by sticking to a strict agenda.

Jun 13, 8:04PM EDT0
How do you help businesses to be more organized? What is the scope of your work?
Jun 12, 8:46PM EDT0

I used to be a consultant for a company on global performance improvment process so this is where I got allot of my experience.  I actually run the process very similar to these projects depending on their goals/desired outcomes. Many businesses I have worked with for organisational structure, businesses process streamlining, time management for employees and best practice streamlining. 

My scope of work is dependent on my experience, often on a project, I will not have expertise in all areas, for example, IT software and will bring on another expert in this field to help me. 

Last edited @ Jun 18, 2:46PM EDT.
Jun 18, 2:45PM EDT0
What sort of speaking engagements do you usually attend? Are topics related to organizational skills?
Jun 12, 5:20PM EDT0

Actually, my speaking engagements vary. I am going to be speaking at a women-led business conference on Entrepreneurship. Then in February, I will be speaking in Berlin on my tech business and how it relates to improving educational tools.  it is an honour to be able to speak on a variety of topics and I always try to inspire everyone to get organized no matter what the speaking topic!

Jun 18, 2:49PM EDT0
What is an organizing masterclass? What do you teach in it? Where can one sign in?
Jun 12, 2:53PM EDT0

It is the first time I am running this. It will take place in September, 4 one-hour online sessions. You can register on my website. 

Jun 18, 2:47PM EDT0
Where do you offer your seminars? Where can one find more information about them?
Jun 12, 12:26PM EDT0

I offer seminars on an as requested basis however at the moment I have an "Organizing Masterclass" that is online and on my website. It is 4 hour sessions. 

Jun 18, 2:46PM EDT0
What is the best organizing tip you can offer people for free?
Jun 12, 5:38AM EDT0

There are so many tips but for me, it is about inspiration. I encourage people to find out what they enjoy doing most or what brings them the most benefit. Then strip down their time to see where they can save in other areas to enable them to spend more time on doing things they love

Jun 18, 2:42PM EDT0
What other plans or projects are you currently working on?
Jun 12, 2:20AM EDT0

I am working on so many things! A second book, a tech business and always a few organizing projects for clients. 

Jun 18, 2:41PM EDT0
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