Breaking barriers one voice at a time, AMA with Anika "The Voice" Woods Life coach, consultant, strategist, activist, conqueror

Anika Prudhomme-Woods
Jul 12, 2018

AMA with Anika: Life Coach/Psychologist/Consultant

Voice of those fighting Adversity from Mental Illness, Physical Illness, Loss, Addiction, Anxiety, Trauma, or Life. Empowering people across the globe to Fight For YOU, you are your greatest resource. Adversity leads to GREATNESS.

Learning that what happens TO you is all about PREPARATION for WHO and WHAT you are meant to be. From sexual assault, divorce, abuse after abuse, exposure to addiction and severe mental illness to the TOP. Don't Stop Dreaming, Get Started Living and believing that your purpose is bigger than your situation. Find out the secrets to OVERCOMING with a SMILE. THRIVING through PAIN, day by day. 

Learn the Secret to TRIUMPH


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It’s good to have time alone, but if there’s too much of that then it can foster discomfort, confusion and negativity. Do you agree? What can be done to avoid that negativity?
Jul 14, 8:07PM EDT0

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Jul 14, 1:21PM EDT0
What would you caution prospective students to understand before embarking on a career in your field?
Jul 14, 12:25PM EDT0

Prospective Students embarking on a career field in Human Services, Law Enforcement, Mental Health or Coaching need to understand that any of the jobs that I have had over 20 years now 3 businesses: none are jobs. They are all careers that are committments to caring for people at times more that yourself. These fields aren't for the weak at heart. Mental health, substance abuse, domestic violence, child welfare, correctional enforcement are all jobs that I have worked and loved. The jobs are also low paying unless you are in a position at a Master's level or greater. You have to commit to these jobs out of passion, not wealth. 

Jul 14, 1:15PM EDT0

How can someone's mental health condition affect their work and what are some of the laws dedicated to the protection of an employee with a mental health condition?

Jul 14, 9:35AM EDT0

Someone's mental health condition can affect their work by impacting their performance, relationship with coworkers, level of anxiety and overall well being. Many are afraid to disclose their mental illness on job applications, Human Resource documents yet laws can only protect you if the information is known. Discrimination is illegal. Disability Accomodations exist in workplaces and every school setting. This is something that is unknown to many and I love to enlighten people that Accomodations are to be made in schools for disorders such as ADHD to Schizophrenia. 

Americans with Disabilities Act-protects people with physical or mental disabilities from discrimination in employment, government services and activities, public accomodations, public transportation, and commercial businesses. 

Other laws may apply to persons with disabilities in other capacities. 

Jul 14, 1:10PM EDT0
Building a community is very important no matter where you live. Based on your professional experience, what aspects of belonging to a community are most strongly linked to mental wellness?
Jul 14, 1:57AM EDT0

The biggest aspect to belonging to a community that is linked to mental wellness would be ensuring that the community looks like what you want to portray. Too often we are more focused on belonging than our own reflection. 

Jul 14, 12:58PM EDT0
If you could offer just one pearl of wisdom for reframing how we think about health and happiness, what would it be?
Jul 14, 1:34AM EDT0

One pearl of wisdom would be to follow your own intuition.  

Jul 14, 12:56PM EDT0
Empowerment is a key aspect of mental health. What can you say a little bit more about how you define this concept?
Jul 13, 4:56PM EDT0

Empowerment is definetly a key concept of mental health. Empowerment is a key to wellness, mind, body and soul. When one suffers from mental illness, whether anxiety, depression, trauma, Schizophrenia or Psychosis, the biggest tool is environmental. This concept is not exclusive to mental illness, it changes the game for anyone. Empowerment is a tool, action, mentality, gift and cure to many barriers that limit progression. When one is empowered, feels empowered, surrounded by acceptance, love and encouragement, opportunities are endless. This can shed light on many that suffer from mental illness which is why as a social scientist, I choose to work in the capacity of a coach rather than therapist. Coaching is an ongoing process that allows one to assist with engagement, execution and progression, not just assessment. 

Jul 14, 12:54PM EDT0
How do you help people cope with the sense of loss, or for others a hope, which may be misguided?
Jul 13, 1:32PM EDT0

Coping with loss is an ongoing concept. Many believe that loss is only relating to death however loss can be affiliated with stages of life. Due to loss being a prevalent concept that will present continuously, training the brain to prepare for said changes is the key. We must train our brains just as we train our bodies. This concept/approach is used to negate loss, fear, defeat and foster hope, love, forgiveness and success. We have to be intentional about our thoughts. It is a process. 

Jul 14, 12:49PM EDT0

Jul 12, 9:42PM EDT0

Good evening World,

In preperation for this dicussion I thought long and hard about what is the most important concept that I want to share. The answer was  to be free to be you and fight for you. No matter what your situation or circumstance, it was all preperation for your future. Through trials, we get triumphs, through life we get lessons and from those lessons we learn. The biggest tool to GREATNESS that you have it YOURSELF. 

Jul 12, 8:37PM EDT0
Do you believe that adversity and traumatic situations exist to give purpose or higher meaning to people’s lives? Can you explain?
Jul 12, 1:06PM EDT0


I used to be bitter and have the pilosophy WHY ME? Then I realized that I was custom made and the trail that was blazed for me exposed me to things that others did not experience. Adversity and trauma can be detrimental if not processed appropriately. As a psychologist I have the education to assess these situations appropriately however I combine education, experience and faith to use a different perspective/approach for fighting adversity. Your attitude towards a problem makes all the difference. I do believe that people that face adversity have a higher meaning seperate than others. One can not walk in empathy of a situation without truly understanding the pain and sorrow of another. An idea can be formed but that validation is received differently. This is what mkes me different than other coaches. Many professionals are taught not to use perspective and experience however the wisdom gained is exceptional and extremelt beneficial.

I hope this helps.   

Jul 12, 8:44PM EDT0

Is there any reason why "living with diversity" is not tought in schools? 

Jul 12, 12:22PM EDT0

Living with Diversity is not taught in some schools however in social sciences it is taught as Cultural Competance. This is explored through various approaches to include Multicultural month and Civis curriculums. 

Jul 12, 8:50PM EDT0
How were you exposed to adversity?
Jul 12, 8:20AM EDT0

My exposure to Adversity began as a child. From birth to approximately the age of 35 it seemed like constant chaos. At 35 I had been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Degenetive Disk Disease, COPD, Emphysema, Spinal Stenosis, PTSD, ADHD and Panic Disorder. It was at this time that I realized that trauma, environmental factors and exposure to an untreated mentally ill parent caused physcial and mental pain to myself and children. The kicker is that despite digging deeper into social sciences, engaging in college, graduating with a 3.7, obtaining a masters degree that has taken 9 years to obtain due to abusive relationships, singke oarenting of 3 children and a divorce, I made a decision that I wanted to live and find happiness. I began to love myself, stop hiding in my work, dove into my faith, got baptized, became a life group leader of two womens groups and it changed my life. 

Adversity that I have seen has been homelessness, sexual assault, various forms of abuse and neglect, chronic illness to include Pulmonary Embolisms, Tumor, Paralysis. Most of these illnesses are chronic but so is my JOY!

Jul 12, 8:57PM EDT0
What is Anika’s secret to triumph?
Jul 12, 4:50AM EDT0

Anika's Secret to TRIUMPH is to MAKE A DECISION:


Any of those terms are an attitude and a choice. If we train the brain to think different, we ultimatelty act different, look different and feel different. Too often we associate these concepts with a person, amout of money or accomplishment yet JOY and PEACE come within. The key is to allow yourself to have bad days but shake it off get back u and Keep FIghting For Yourself. Life is a Battle, if you train and prepare you can and will WIN!

Jul 12, 9:00PM EDT0

What are the various coaching services you offer?

Jul 12, 4:13AM EDT0

Yes my Coaching Services include:

Chronic Illness Coaching-hour sessions and facebook support groups

Success Coaching (vocational, career, and/or mindset)-hour basis/as often as needed.

Group Coaching-multiple groups available (Breaking Free from Adversity; Raised by Mental Illness)

Subscription Support Group Coaching 

Each of these services are available 7 days a week as I specialize in Adversity: Mental Illness, Chronic Illness, Addiction and I understand that impulse is a component of that lifestyle. Along with the Coaching I have just started a NONProfit this week named Project Greatness Inc.. I have two classes that will be realesed this week on Udemy and Thinkific as well. The key to coaching with me is that I am Real, transparent and straight up. I am a true Coach that will oush you to your full potential, no excuses. Often brilliant people, mentally ill or broken feel different and don't realize that when you dream, have exceptional intellect you dummy down. Not on my watch. 

Jul 12, 9:07PM EDT0

How would you describe your coaching style and how did you develop it?

Jul 12, 4:06AM EDT0

My coaching style is a combination of my Correctional Officer Authoritarian/mother figure voice with my education and experience as a pscychologist and group therapist with the faith of a restored woman and transparency of an overcomer. Ultimately I coach clients based on their needs with compassion, accountability, education and independence. My coaching is also STRENGTH BASED. SUCCESS Driven and Victory Focused. 

My style was developed through restoration and a career of social services.

Jul 12, 9:11PM EDT0

What techniques do you use to help people develop strategies on how live their lives better?

Jul 12, 2:45AM EDT0

Living my life with others in my groups, strategy sessions and sessions allows the barrier of authority to avoid resistance. Formulating strategies based on the individuals needs, strenghts and resources (initial assesment) followed by an individual plan (Goal oriented + time frame) with weekly virtual chats/video, tools (homework) and correspondence between sessions as a personalized boot camp (transformation process of training the brain). When the individual can see the results, the motivation is heightened and success is now an attitude, not a dream. 

Jul 12, 9:16PM EDT0
How did you develop your coaching practice? How was Nobody Greater created?
Jul 11, 11:02PM EDT0

Wow, Nobody Greater started 2/14/18 when my boss (Clinical Director) demanded that I run a group after telling me that a client's needs was above her oay grade. Working in social services, nonprofits as a case manager going in the homes of individuals and children for 15 years led me to feel helpless in my abilities to do more for people in need. As a Coach I am abke to help without limits of timeframes, insurance complications and geographical biundaries. My experience and education can help the masses this way rather than the idea that I am supposed to conform to what I thought was my ideal job. Now I own 3 businesses. ThirtyOne Consultant, Nobody Greater LLC and Project Greatness Inc (nonprofit started 7/11//18) as a one stop service agency for people in crisis, homeless, abused, needing personal or professional development, addiction or mental illness resources. Luckily my experience has allowed me to network and collaborate with amazing providers accross the globe that we can now work together to help others.

For many years I thought my labels and ADHD brain and dreams were just racing thoughts when in all actuality they were visions and intuition. Don't limit yourself or let your labels steal your dreams. 

Jul 12, 9:23PM EDT0
In your opinion, what makes you and your coaching services better than others?
Jul 11, 10:28PM EDT0

In my opinion, I am a Woman on a mission with a vision that is resilient, fearless and sick and tired of people hurting. I am who I wish I had my whole life. From being abused, ignored, dismissed and deterred to being Success driven, I coach others as if they were me. I know what it's like to want something and just need to verbalize, strategize, visualize it without the bias of others. I know what it's like to need just a little nudge to reach my full potential. I know what it's like to be ill, a single mother, a patient feeling defeated, or anxious and depressed. 

In my opinion, I know Pain, I Know Defeat and I know Joy. I also know how to lead others through the path without the Sorrow that we often face en route. 

Jul 12, 9:27PM EDT0
What are some of the most common barriers that prevent people from succeeding?
Jul 11, 9:41PM EDT0

The biggest barrier is Self Sabbotage

When you approach the unknown whether good or bad, you tend to sabotage to avoid the uncomfortable zone. Change happens when You are Uncomfortable. 

Many of us don't know how to be happy or wait for the shoe to drop or Have unrealistic expectations. Any of these prevent success for most. 

Jul 12, 9:29PM EDT0
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