Coaching-AMA-Dr. Tracey M. Phillips- Licensed Counselor/Therapist and skilled Social Work Educator and Practitioner; Certified Grant Specialist; Career Coach.

Dr. Tracey M. Phillips
Jun 13, 2018

I am the owner of Writevision Consulting, LLC

I provide professional, high quality and personal Career and Life Coaching, Resume Writing, Interviewing techniques and preparation and career planning to help you move to the next level of your career...and your life. 

Don't be so busy making a living, that you forget to make a life!

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What attributes should you consider when hiring a career coach?
Jun 19, 1:17PM EDT0
What tools have you developed to assist your clients and prepare them to overcome setbacks, and maintain focus while at work?
Jun 18, 4:55PM EDT0
How is your approach to coaching people to help them overcome personal problems affecting their vocational situations?
Jun 17, 1:32AM EDT0
How can a career coach help freelancers and solopreneurs to establish a course of direction for their careers?
Jun 16, 9:11PM EDT0
What do you need from your clients in order to develop a successful coaching relationship?
Jun 16, 7:07AM EDT0
How can one know if a career coach is the right answer for one’s needs?
Jun 14, 2:21AM EDT0

My clients seek me out at a variety of times in their careers. I have worked with many people who have just graduated college, or are about to graduate, and want assistance in honing their job hunting skills (resume and cover letter writing, interviewing and follow up). I have also worked with established professionals who are looking to change careers, but do not know what they want to do, or where to start. My answer would be if ever you feel "stuck", and need assistance getting "unstuck" in your career, you should seek out a Coach.

Jun 14, 7:15AM EDT0
What are the right answers to the typical questions on job interviews that circle around the strengths and weaknesses of the applicant and why he or she should be hired to that particular position?
Jun 14, 1:28AM EDT0

Your answers should be honest. Strengths should be focused on those that will benefit the company and exempify your fit for the job. For example, you would mention the way you are able to connect with people for a position involving fundraising. You would not want to mention how great you are at fantasy football picks. Weaknesses should be those you are working at improving. So, if you have a weakness for delegating, you should say that, but also state that you have been working on improving that weaknes. To answer the question of why you should be hired is your personal stage for fitting your specific skill set to the position and needs of the company. Be specific and always make the focus how the company will benefit from hiring you. 

Jun 14, 7:25AM EDT0
What are some common misunderstandings people have when they hire a career coach?
Jun 14, 12:06AM EDT0

People think that their coach is going to do all of the work and find them a job. I assist my clients in their job hunt, and preparation, as well as help them narrow their focus to identify their ideal vocation. I also coach them through current feelings and beliefs that might be making them feel stuck in their current situation, and I assist them in getting unstuck. 

Jun 14, 7:29AM EDT0
If someone is in a rut when it comes to their career and don't feel passion for it anymore, what do you recommend they do?
Jun 13, 11:17PM EDT0

This is coaching. This is what a career coach does. We help our clients identify where they are in their current career and what is lacking. Thenm we help them identify where their passions lie and what career might best fit their lifestyle, passion and economic needs. Sometimes the answer is to seek out something new, and sometimes the answer is to re-ignite the passion in the career they are in. Each situation is different.

Jun 14, 7:32AM EDT0
What are the benefits of hiring you when preparing for a job interview?
Jun 13, 7:33PM EDT0

I assist my clients with everything from getting their resume ready and specific to the position, researching the company and preparing for the interview, staging mock interviews, providing feedback, and even (if necessary) how to dress for the interview. I also assist my clients with writing follow up thank you notes. In most cases, I am not hired to help someone prepare for one job, I am hired to help them prepare for multiple job interviews and preparation until they land the one they want. 

Jun 14, 7:37AM EDT0
What is your coaching methodology to help clients with their career planning or development needs?
Jun 13, 2:58PM EDT0

My methodology is private, so I cannot disclose it. I can tell you that my goal for each client is not just to find a job that they love, but also to find one that will fit into the lifestyle they desire. So, I do not just focus on my clients career needs, but also other aspects of their life that their desired career will fit into. 

Jun 14, 7:42AM EDT0
What are some of the common mistakes that people make when they are writing their resumes?
Jun 13, 11:21AM EDT0

Many people make their resumes too long. They also bury the most relevant information. Most HR personnel only view a resume for about 15 seconds. They look for key words that fit into the position. If they do not see those words up front, they move on. The biggest mistake, however, is when people use the same resume for every position they apply for.

Jun 14, 7:45AM EDT0
When do you think is the right time to ask for a raise and how should one do so?
Jun 13, 8:11AM EDT0

Most companies have a standard time of year in which your performance is evaluated (or you self evaluate) and your increased compensation is determined. That is your negotiation window. Depending on the size of your company, you would discuss a raise with your direct supervisor. If your company does not have a set time of year and protocol, the best thing for you to do is to put together a portfolio of your accomplishments, reviews and feedback. This can be a paper or electronic folder. Make an appointment with your supervisor and present your argument for why you believe you deserve a raise. The most important thing is to remain professional, accept feedback and be prepared to counter. If the company is not in a position to give you a raise, discuss a promotion, a more flexible schedule or increased time off.  

Jun 13, 8:19AM EDT0

Welcome! Please feel free to ask me anything regarding career changes, coaching or anything! I look forward to chatting!

Dr. Tracey Phillips

Jun 13, 8:01AM EDT0
Is it wise for someone to take a pay cut and move to a bigger company with more advancement opportunities in the future? What are the reasons for your answer?
Jun 13, 7:36AM EDT0

There are never any cut and dry answers to a question like this. First, and foremost, you must discuss advancement opportunities with your potential employer. But, don't just go by what they say. Look at their track record of promoting within, talk to a current employee regarding how quickly they moved up and research their history of pay increases and bonuses. If you feel secure that within a relatively short period of time (2 years) you will exceed your current income and still have potential to advance further, it would be worth the risk. Of course, you must also make sure that during that transition time, you can meet your expenses with the lower salary. Don't put yourself into a financial hole because it will cost you more to dig yourself out.

Jun 13, 7:49AM EDT0
What are the risks involved in leaving the security of a paying job and going out on their own to start their own business? How did you convince yourself that these risks were worth taking?
Jun 13, 7:04AM EDT0

Personally, I do both. I have a full-time job that I absolutely love-teaching- and never want to give up. So, I positioned myself to have a flexible enough schedule that I can pursue my other passion- coaching- without having to give up my full time career. However, to answer your question, the risks of going out on your own include financial uncertainty, long hours, loss of security and possible failure. But, what are the benefits? We all need income. For a majority of us, this means we have to work for about 50 years straight. We spend approx 8 hours of every 24 hour period working. Why be miserable? If there is something that you love to do, you are good at doing and you can make money doing, instead of spending all of those hours and years doing something you hate, try doing something you love. That is the difference between making a living and making a life. And for that, the benefits FAR outweigh the risks.

Jun 13, 7:22AM EDT0
When is the right time for someone to seek out career coaching?
Jun 13, 6:59AM EDT1

My clients seek me out at a variety of times in their careers. I have worked with many people who have just graduated college, or are about to graduate, and want assistance in honing their job hunting skills (resume and cover letter writing, interviewing and follow up). I have also worked with established professionals who are looking to change careers, but do not know what they want to do, or where to start. My answer would be if ever you feel "stuck", and need assistance getting "unstuck" in your career, you should seek out a Coach.

Jun 13, 7:14AM EDT0
If someone's primary goal is to make money as fast as possible, what type of careers would be best suited for them? Is there something wrong with being money-oriented when it comes to choosing a career path?
Jun 13, 12:20AM EDT0

There is actually nothing at all wrong with being income oriented when choosing your career. I focus on assisting my clients in finding their passion. If making money is your passion, then seek out a career that will fulfill you. Generally speaking (because there aren't any guarantees), if you want to make as  much money as you can, you want to seek out a career that doesn't require a specialization or a college degree. You also want to seek out a career with unlimited income potential and one in which you can determine said income. My recommendation would be independent sales. Seek out a product and  a company in which you can train in house, feel good about selling and start generating income right away. Real Estate is one, but there are thousands of others. Stay away from multi-level marketing schemes. Seek out an established market with a product or service that everyone needs.

Jun 13, 7:08AM EDT0
Do organizations hire you to write their grant proposals for them or do you teach them how to do it? What specific structure should one use when writing a grant proposal?
Jun 12, 10:24PM EDT0

Organizations hire me to assist them in writing their grant proposals. I always begin with the RFP (request for proposal). Depending on the nature of the grant, the agency team and I will sit down and allocate portions of the grant to different teams. My job is to coordinate and assemble the grant to meet the RFP requirements. 

Jun 12, 11:08PM EDT0
What are the elements that make a compelling resume or cover letter?
Jun 12, 6:48PM EDT0

This is a complex question. First, and formost you should never have just 1 resume. You should format a resume specific to the job you are applying for. Depending on the nature of the job and your experience/education, you will create a resume or CV to fit the position you are applying for and to highlight your skill set or education specialization/qualifications.

Jun 12, 11:08PM EDT0
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