I'm a career coach and personal branding coach who helps people who are dissatisfied with their jobs get to a place where they absolutely love what they are doing. Ask me anything!

Rebecca Beaton
Jul 6, 2018

I believe the greatest good we can do for ourselves, the people around us, and the world, is to do work that is in alignment with what we love, and what we believe in.

As a career coach, I’ve spent the last 5 years helping people who are dissatisfied with their job get to a place where they absolutely love what they are doing—something where they are making both an impact and money. 

.I help the following 2 kinds of people:

-People who have no idea what they want to do for their career. (I help them get clarity.)

-Freelancers and employees who have an idea of what they want to do but are struggling to make it happen. (I help them land meaningful work they love consistently.)

I HELP PEOPLE GET CLARITY BY... looking at their ideal lifestyle, values, strengths, skills, and purpose. Then we mush everything together to come up with some tangible ideas. Next, I guide my clients through the process of researching and trialing these ideas so they know with absolute certainty what is the best fit for them. We also look at any fears or limiting beliefs that might be holding you back.

I HELP PEOPLE LAND MEANINGFUL WORK THEY LOVE CONSISTENTLY BY... first helping them get clear on their list of ideal job criteria. Next, we get super clear on their personal brand (what they do, why they do it, how they do it, and what makes them unique), spruce up their LinkedIn, resume, and other social media to match (possibly even a website, too!), and create a job search strategy.

My clients leave with clarity around what they what they do and the knowledge necessary to successfully brand and market themselves, so they can continually land their dream jobs/contracts now, and into the future.

I'm based in Vancouver, BC where I meet with clients at my office space, but I also work with people remotely via Zoom or phone.

Ask me anything!

Learn more at www.rebeccabeaton.com.

I'm not super active on social media (it's an introvert thing, PLUS I find it not the most efficient way to market my biz)... BUT you can still creep me if you like:





Pssssst... I'm an introvert. Hence, why I'm hiding behind a book (obviously!).


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Do you have any tips for someone who wants to improve their own personal branding skills?

Jul 13, 12:32PM EDT0

What do you believe is the number one key factor to a personality to keeping a consistent flow of work?

Jul 11, 9:03AM EDT0
Can you offer some ideas on how to prepare for a job interview?
Jul 9, 6:50PM EDT0
Are there any resources that you recommend to review your strengths in order to see how yourd personality characteristics can help you in your job search?
Jul 9, 4:00PM EDT0

What do you think is causing the increase in freelancing and digital nomadism among young professionals?

Jul 9, 2:33PM EDT0
What tools and methodology enabled you to become an expert at the coaching process?
Jul 9, 11:39AM EDT0

What is your advice for someone who is considering to jump from regular employee to entrepreneurship?

Jul 9, 7:47AM EDT0
Do you have any advice on how to win the battle against imposter syndrome?
Jul 9, 6:02AM EDT0
What’s your favorite career decision-making tool?
Jul 9, 2:33AM EDT0
What sort of commitment do you expect from your clients when establishing a coaching relationship with you?
Jul 8, 10:16PM EDT0
Which is your best-selling coaching package? How do you guarantee results after doing any of the three packages?
Jul 8, 4:13AM EDT0
Why do you think career coaching is a growing coaching niche?
Jul 7, 5:09PM EDT0

How do you market your services? Have you become a career coach for a whole business before? If so, how did you make that happen? :)

Jul 7, 4:38PM EDT0
How should one go about developing one’s network, and put it to work for you?
Jul 7, 12:52PM EDT0
What kind of career coaching resources should Millennials look for?
Jul 7, 12:15PM EDT0
Why is so much career burnout lately? Is burnout a sign that you should leave your job? How can one avoid it?
Jul 7, 5:07AM EDT0
What are some of the major reasons one should consider changing jobs?
Jul 4, 5:12PM EDT0

Here's a few:

  • You're mistreated and management doesn't listen to your concerns or respect your boundaries.
  • You feel exhausted and drained at the end of the day, despite having already tried to make changes at work that would increase your level of satisfaction.
  • The things that are most important to you in your work aren't present in your current role, and there's no possibility of that happening in the future.
  • You don't feel physically safe.
  • You feel the urge to try something new!
Jul 6, 3:09PM EDT0
How do you make the procedure of deciding on what to do with one's life, less daunting?
Jul 4, 6:19AM EDT0

I break it down into a step-by-step process. Actually, here's part of a testimonial found on the homepage of my website:

"Rebecca's step-by-step process made the whole procedure of "figuring out what to do with my life" less daunting. I have now come up with a concrete plan to go to culinary school and begin a cooking video blog & web series. " -Hayley Beamish, Vancouver, BC

Check out this article for more deets: medium.com/@rebecca_beaton/what-the-fuck-should-i-do-with-my-life-a-step-by-step-process-ca077d09d6f7

Jul 6, 3:06PM EDT0
Why have you limited your coaching to help only two types of people?
Jul 4, 3:59AM EDT0

It's who I enjoy working with the most. Also, it's helpful from a marketing perspective to narrow down who you work with so when someone finds you online (or talks to you), they know whether or not you can help them. (If it's too vague, it's confusing to people and then you won't attract anyone.)

Jul 6, 3:04PM EDT0
How would you coach someone who have spent 10+ years studying a certain field but ended up not liking the work environment and at the same time scared of trying something else that might not pan out?
Jul 2, 7:24AM EDT0

Sounds like a challenging situation, for sure! But, making a change (as understandably scary it may be) is something your future self will definitely thank you for.

I can never guarantee a client will 100% like what they choose to go into next after working with me, but, I can guarantee that we will be able to make the best possible guess. First, we'd take a look at your skills that you've acquired over those 10 years and pull out the transferable ones (i.e., the ones that would apply across various industries). Then we'd specifically focus on the ones you actually enjoy. That way, you're not starting at square one with your new career.

Next, we'd look at your work values, strengths (what you're naturally good at), ideal lifestyle, and purpose, then mush everything together to brainstorm possible career ideas. From there, you'd research those ideas more to make sure whatever you choose is the best fit. Talking to people in the areas you are interested in moving into would be an important part of this research process.

Hope this helps!

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Jul 6, 3:01PM EDT0
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