Just a girl with goals making it happen: Ask Me Anything!

Debbi DiMaggio
May 21, 2018

I’ve been traveling quite a bit and haven’t felt my best so it’s time to do something about it. We are in control, after all, of our own bodies, aren’t we? We know food and lifestyle changes can cure Cancer, so eating better and making diet and exercise modifications should make us feel better too. It really is up to us. And yes, I do agree, it is not easy. But we must.

Easier said than done. Let’s get started!

Anytime I have a goal I want to achieve I follow 4 words that propel me from A to Z, 1 to 10, Setting a Goal to Achieving my Goal.

The 4 words: Visualize, Internalize, Verbalize, Realize.

So no matter what you are trying to achieve write out those 4 words and follow them to a T.

First off you need to set a goal,

1. Visualize it. See it in your mind. Create a collage or vision board on your computer or from the pages of your favorite magazines.

2. Internalize it. Keep your goal top of mind and continue reminding yourself throughout the day of that goal.

3. Verbalize it. This is the most important step towards achieving your goal. One must share their goal with another person or with the world and by doing so you hold yourself accountable, and to a higher standard. Allow a friend or the world to hold you accountable. Just like I am doing today. (OH NO! Now I must stay on my 7 day cleanse/diet.)

4. Realize. Goal Achieved, Mission Accomplished!


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Let's get started!

What tips can you give on how to hold oneself accountable and stop procrastinating?
May 24, 9:40PM EDT0

Routine. Get into a routine. A routine will help to keep you on track.

1. Get Up

2. Grab a cup of tea, juice or coffee

3. Sit down or (in my case I lay down) and listen to your thoughts. Let your ideas, dreams, goals flow.

4. Write out your goals.  Rewrite them out every day.  Create a vision board. Look at it every day. Keep your list and vision board nearby.

5. Read your goals out loud.

6. Share your goals with a friend or family member. (If it's something you really want to achieve, you must share your goals in order to make them real. You can't be embarrassed or shy about something you want to come true, right?)

7.  Repeat every morning. 

Make all your dreams come true! I believe and so should you.



Contained Beauty Foundation4Success

May 27, 9:00PM EDT0
What are some tips or techniques to visualize better what you want from life?
May 24, 7:21PM EDT0

Create A Vision Board

Leaf through the Internet and save to your desktop. 

and/or go through magazines and tear out pages you love. Don't overthink it. Just tear away.

When you start to cut out the images and text on the pages you tore out that really resonate, and before you start glueing what you love...  discard the pages you don't really love. 

Start dreaming, start ripping, begin manifesting !


XOXO! Debbi


May 27, 9:06PM EDT0
Sometimes is hard to prioritize goals and follow them. How can that be improved?
May 24, 6:12PM EDT0

Start writing, rewrite and begin again.

There are no mistakes. Just begin.

Vision Boarding



A gratitude journal.

Speaking out loud.

When I share with another person I seem to recall what is or was top of mind. It's a mix of everything. Talking, seeing, writing.

Reading MEDIUM is a blog site I really love and find inspiration. They are brief blogs by really awesome people!

#AMA! Debbi


May 27, 9:09PM EDT0
What do you do when you want to get inspired, when you want creativity to flow, your mind to open and fly away with imagination?
May 24, 10:17AM EDT0

That is when I sit still and listen.  I let my mind wander.

If you need, look at magazines, surf the Internet.  Begin with a thought or photo that inspires. For me, that may mean a swimming pool. Pools allow me to be still while looking deep into the sparkling blue water. That is where I oftentimes find my inspiraton.

I wrote a book called Contained Beauty, Photographs, Reflections and Swimmings Pools. It was written for this exact purpose in mind! I write in the table of contents to the reader to...... grab a piece of paper or your phone, and as you read and leaf through the pages allow your mind to wander and be inspired.

Thank you for asking!


XOXO ! Debbi

CONTAINED BEAUTY, Photographs Reflections and Swimming Pools

and how CB came to be.

Say Hello to Giacomo Gianniotti and Matt Murray, Actors and Friends. Super inspiring people.

May 27, 9:20PM EDT0
How can you protect yourself from criticism and cynicism?
May 24, 6:11AM EDT0

How funny you should ask. And that I received your message just as I responded to another reader and posted this photo of my two friends, both who happen to be actors. The night this photo was taken I was feeling very insecure. I had cried myself to sleep the evening before because a woman had attacked me on Facebook. It was awful.

I am probably the most insecure person I know, but if I am not sharing my story, or stories about others, I can't breathe. I have received emails and text messages from people who said the stories I shared helped them. So I continue. But believe me, I still crawl into my shell when someone posts or remarks negatively towards me.

But Matt and Giacomo encouraged me to turn the other cheek. They may be young, but are wise beyond their years. As actors they definitely endure their share of rejection, so they know first hand about criticism.

We spoke for awhile on the topic of how it's up to me not to care and to be stronger. They had much more to say. I wish I taped our conversation. If I did I would listen to it everyday!

GaryVee is pretty good on telling people, "I don't care!"

I am still working on being stronger and doing what I want, as in the end, my truth is for good, not bad. I am with you, we can be strong and grow stronger together. 

The main point, do what you want and leave the haters in your rear view mirror. I wish I could meet you and give you a hug.

Be strong with me! 


XOXO! Debbi

May 27, 9:33PM EDT0

How did you come up with this mantra: Visualize, Internalize, Verbalize, Realize?

May 23, 5:24PM EDT0

I always think in terms of how I can share what I do so others can find their own success, whatever that may be.

I also think in terms of helping young people like my kids and their friends, and the agents in our real estate company, but the mantra can be used by anyone.

I just broke down what I do, and those words materialized. I hope they help you get closer to your goals too.

Thank you for asking!

#AMA! Debbi

May 23, 10:35PM EDT0

I always think in terms of how I can share what I do so others can find their own success, whatever that may be.

I also think in terms of helping young people like my kids and their friends, and the agents in our real estate company, but the mantra can be used by anyone.

I just broke down what I do, and those words materialized. I hope they help you get closer to your goals too.

Thank you for asking!

#AMA! Debbi

Visualize Internalize Verbalize Realize

Foundation4Success | On the other side of 25 

May 27, 9:37PM EDT0
What does success look like to you? Does it equal happiness?
May 21, 7:52PM EDT0

For me success is waking up happy everyday excited about what I am doing today and doing what I love. I am fortunate enough to have found that thing that I love so much it doesn't feel like work. I really can't imagine sitting in an office all day even if it meant I had all the money in the world, I would go crazy. I need to be up and around meeting and helping people and doing different tasks. So yes, for me, doing what you love equals success in my book. I enjoy what I do I can't even imagine retiring, rather I am expanding my Real Estate footprint from Northern California, to Southern California and now into Italy. I have a little toe in Como, but who knows, it may be the beginning of something bigger. And maybe Coaching won't just be a fun and enjoyable hobby, perhpas it will manifest into something more.

Thank you for asking!



May 22, 8:08AM EDT0
What are some philanthropy causes close to your heart?
May 21, 7:48AM EDT0


Any charity that has to do with children. There are so many amazing causes, but when it comes to kids, babies, toddlers, teens, young adults, those charities tug at my heart strings.  Whether it is a child struck by illness, or a child left unfed or cared for because the parents are not capable due to their own upbringing, drugs, lack of resources, or mental health, the list is endless. A few I am personally involved with now or in recent past... #Voices4Freedom #GeorgeMarkChildrensHouse, #EBAC #EastBayAgencyForChildren #UCSFBenioffChildrensHospitalOakland #BoysTownsOfItaly #GirlsTownsOfItaly (for refugees from nearby war torn countries that are found in Italy) #CSL #ChildrensSupportLeague and the list goes on.

Thank you for asking!

XOXO! Debbi

#AMA anytime

May 22, 8:20AM EDT0
Why do you say verbalization is the most important step towards achieving your goal?
May 21, 6:28AM EDT0

When we verbalize our goals we are opening ourself up to 1. remember 2. reaffirm 3. hold ourself accountable 

But you must remind yourself and reaffirm your goals daily. I oftentimes get off track myself, sometimes I forget because I am so busy taking care of business and others, plus I have so many goals, I really do need to follow my own advice.... focus and reaffirm. This is a #NoteToSelf to write out my own goals and reaffirm and revisit them every morning. Thank you for asking and reminding me what I need to do.

Verbalizing out loud, taking notes on your iPhone or smart device, and jotting them down on paper, everyday will get you closer to manifesting your dreams and making them a reality.

XOX! Thank you!

#AMA anytime


May 22, 8:31AM EDT0
What kind of goals should one pursue to be happier in what they do?
May 21, 4:59AM EDT0

Oh my gosh. One has to do what makes them happy. 

When I answer questions I think about what I would say to my daughter and how I would reply to her. Currently she is seeking a job. She is 24. I tried to steer her towards Real Estate but that isn't what she wants to do now. She is focusing on what she wants to do and although she won't make as much money as she could in Real Estate, for now she wants to try PR and Event Planning. Whatever makes her happy, makes me happy. 

Homework for you Erik.

Jot down a list of things you love to do. Don't think in terms of a career or success, simply write out a list of what you love or desire.. I did this at age 25. I was very unhappy as I did not know what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. I was engaged to be married, and had a degree from Cal Berkeley, yet I was still lost. I look back now amazed that I had the foresight to draft a list like the one I did. I only wish I had that piece of paper today, I would frame it! Here's what I recall...

Helping Others.

Do not want to sit at a desk.

Like a beginning, a middle and an end. 

Want to do different things every day.


Today I am fortunate to hit all those buttoms.  Whether through my Real Estate, spending time with my family, my hobbies (coaching, mentoring, teaching, writing) and through my philanthropy, I am realizing my dreams and acheiving my goals each and everyday.

Thank you Erik for asking!



PS What do you do now? How old are you?


May 22, 8:55AM EDT1
Why is visualization the first step of goal setting and actualisation?
May 21, 1:14AM EDT0

You need to brainstorm and figure out exactly what you want. You need to identify your goa(s) and be very specific so you can manifest your dream(s).

Start today. Start outlining your dreams and goals, 1. 2. 3. 4. etc..

Thank you! 



Last edited @ May 24, 12:01AM EDT.
May 24, 12:00AM EDT0
How is the goal-setting and achievement process different when individualised and when involving a team?
May 21, 1:13AM EDT0

I think people are more reserved in a group environment, I know I am. Goals will be different for an individual in comparison to a team. I think if you are working on a team project you should start with the big goal and then get individual perspectives too. You'll learn more from one on one meetings that you can take to the group.

thx! Debbi


May 24, 1:40AM EDT0
When is the right time to set a goal?
May 20, 9:31PM EDT0


We have different goals at every age, so start practicing your goal setting today and adjust, add and/or subtract as you move forward in life. Life changes, you will evolve, so will your goals.

Start today!

#AMA! thank you



May 24, 12:04AM EDT0


We have different goals at every age, so start practicing your goal setting today and adjust, add and/or subtract as you move forward in life. Life changes, you will evolve, so will your goals.

Start today!

#AMA! thank you



May 24, 12:07AM EDT0
Why is it important to organise one's energies around a goal in order to successfully achieve it?
May 20, 8:21PM EDT0

It's important to be specific in order to manifest your dreams into reality.

#AMA! anytime.

Thank you for asking.


May 24, 12:10AM EDT0

What goals do you strive for day in and day out?

May 20, 8:05PM EDT0

To do well in whatever I do. To be kind. To have patience. To help others. To follow through. To get everything done on my to do list. To eat healthy so I feel good and can execute.

I am a pretty happy person with a positive attitude so it is not a goal, it's just automatic, but it may be a goal for someone else, which is 

every morning, wake up excited and passionate and ready and eager to start the day, everyday. 

Thank you!

#AMA! Debbi DiMaggio

May 24, 12:18AM EDT0
What kinds of goals are more likely to make people motivated to achieve them?
May 20, 7:10PM EDT1

The goal is your own. 

Start dreaming! Start writing them out!

What is one, or two of your goals? Perhaps I can shed more light.




May 24, 12:26AM EDT0
When setting a challenging goal for one’s self, what are the factors one needs to take into account in order to ensure the achievement of said goal does not become demoralizing?
May 20, 5:28PM EDT0

Don't be so hard on yourself. Write out all your goals no matter how big. If you give me an idea of what you are talking about I can better assist.

Thank you.



May 24, 1:13AM EDT0
What do you hope for in a coaching relationship with a client and how does this relationship affect the progress of said client?
May 20, 5:20PM EDT0

I want to work with clients who want to participate in their own growth. When someone asks for my help I put 110% into helping them to achieve their goals, so I expect they want the same for themselves. If they don't really want to succeed, I know right away. I currently coach for free. I don't charge. When you don't charge for your services, people don't feel they need to follow through. It is unfortunate, as when I agree to, or offer to help another person I ask them to follow up with me to let me know how things are going and what successes they have had or things they have done that we previously discussed, but they don't. It is upsetting to me, as I am here for them, and when they fail to follow through it is disheartening. Especially, as I am here for them, it is not for me but for them. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

It's always a bit disappointing because it is in my nature to want to help others succeed. Silly I know. If a person does not want to help themselves, why should I care, but I do. Go figure.




May 24, 1:32AM EDT0
What software or technology is currently available that can be used along with your steps to aid a person in re-prioritising their lives to achieve a goal?
May 20, 3:48PM EDT0

I suggest downloading a Vision Board App on your phone so it is readily accessible.  You can also take notes on your phone, but a visual of a vision board is very powerful... Visualize, Internalize, Verbalize, Realize.

Dream Believe Share Achieve




Debbi :)

May 24, 1:16AM EDT0
What strategies can be applied to overcome barriers to setting goals?
May 20, 8:53AM EDT0

Don't be critical of yourself, or your goals. 

Believe in yourself. 

Affirm and reaffirm your goals everyday.

Don't second guess yourself.

Be positive and believe.

#AMA Thank you, Debbi

May 24, 1:19AM EDT0