Shaina Mason

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Happiness Exposed: Simple Steps to a Happy Life


Happiness Exposed: Simple Steps to a Happy Life

I am an Intuitive Life Coach & the Creator of Happiness Exposed. I empower highly sensitive people & empaths to create success, wellness & happiness in their lives.

I was inspired to coach others after I turned my life upside down from depression, anxiety, loneliness, & self-hate to a joyful life filled with love, abundance, peace, & adventure.

I created Happiness Exposed as a platform to share my experience & lessons I've learned with the hopes of inspiring others to create the life of their dreams.

It has grown into online courses, in-person workshops & free women's empowerment events, & we are continuously working on new projects to serve you!

I am an animal activist who loves gardening, cooking, painting, reading, meditating, going to the beach, & writing.


Intuitive coachingreiki & energy healinglisteningguided meditationsbreathworkcooking plant-based foodstaying organized
  • I have moved across the country on my own

  • excelled in corporate America for 5+ years

  • overcome depression

  • started my own business

  • adopted a plant-based lifestyle

  • learned to meditate

  • studied under 2 coaches

  • healed my body

  • adopted a cat

  • jumped out of a plane

  • lost 20lbs

  • spent 10 days in London

  • manifested the relationship of my dreams

  • gone parasailing

  • climbed several mountains

  • been on the radio

  • engaged to marry my man

  • been featured in several publications

  • started to write a book

  • hosted my own workshops

  • maintained loving relationships with my friends & family

  • coached dozens of people

  • flown a plane

  • hosted free women's empowerment events

  • & had intensely spiritual experiences.

  • Life Coaching Certification from Expert Rating

  • B.S. from Michigan State University

  • Reiki Certification

  • Gratitude Training Leadership & Personal Development Course